How Does The Counterfeit "False" Twin Help You Get To Union With Your Twin?

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Or are they even a thing?

There's a lot of speculation on this subject; people who say they've experienced a false or counterfeit twin flame swear it's a thing. Those who haven't experienced it say it's mere speculation, or just a really, really intense connection with another person that people put way too much emphasis on. 

The Counterfeit, or False Twin is said to play a very important role in the reunion of, and in the connection between Twin Flames. It's said that all twin flames have a counterfeit aka false twin, whether or not they know it. While all soul mate connections prepare us for "the one," some more than others, some there is only one false twin. Others say there can be multiple "false twins." (If that were the case, I suppose every ex I've ever had would be a false twin?) 

Everyone seems to agree though, that everyone we meet on any level is considered a soul mate. Whether we pass them once on the street or have a long romantic relationship with them, we are all one another's soul mates. Everything and everyone is interconnected. Okay...

It's also said that as we enter Ascension and are activated and awaken spiritually, we begin to be able to connect with others on an extraordinarily deep level, like nothing we have ever experienced before. Cool...

Oftentimes, activation begins slowly and we find we are deeply connected to many, but a soul mate or twin flame often comes easily as far as connection. Cool...

This is often accompanied by the symptoms of awakening. Suddenly we find ourselves experiencing unconditional love and a never-before-seen intensity in our chakra connection with another soul on a level so deep that it creates an intensity like no other, that is simply indescribable in words. Wow, cool...

It's said that some find that they feel as though they complete each other and some even say that a sense of intuitive connection almost like a kind of telepathy exists. Neat-o...

It's also said that there's even aspects of the traditional twin flame template; push-pull, signs and symptoms and syncs galore. This is why the term False Twin rings so correct in the minds for so many people. The connection has all the makings of a twin flame reunion and even looks like a twin flame connection in the journey aspect - except it's another type of connection.

"But in my heart I can feel it!" Of course you can. Otherwise, it would be called something else other than False Twin. It would be called the "really passionate soulmate-like-me connection" instead of the false or counterfeit twin.

It's further stated that we may have already met and noted our counterfeit twin, or we may not have met them yet. And, that we may connect with them before our reunion or after we've already met our twin. Cool...

Additionally, people say that the false twin prepares us in amazing ways for the true twin...

Sometimes, the false twin serves as the catalyst to end longstanding situations to make room for the true twin to enter. Sometimes the false twin aids in activating the process of ascension and awakening. I've even heard the false twin can jumpstart internal healing processes to pave the way for the twin flame journey. As unique and painful (and pleasurable) as the false twin may be, it's said to be a very important connection. Again, cool... 

They say that like real twins, the counterfeit twin is not perfect, nor is it a perfect relationship. To imply perfection would be inhuman. All people are human. Both twin flames and false twins are both perfect and imperfect in their own respect.


Some people believe in false twins, others do not. If you believe in false twin flames, the false twin can also be called the "counterfeit twin" and we're said to connect with them at different junctures in our lives. Some are said to meet prior to embarking on the twin flame journey with their real twins while others meet a false twin during their twin flame journey or even after they're together in a relationship. 


1. Activation of internal healing processes, inner growth and discovering the higher self.

2. Activation of one's ascension process (personal learning/growth)

3. Release of old attachments. (Finally able to drop old relationships.)

4. Learning about one's self and connection in general.

The false twin can be so intense that it causes those who have never even heard of twin flame as a concept to embark on researching the subject. 

There is also a lot of speculation about the relationships false twin connections might have. They say it can be as brief as a few days, or can take years to process through, depending on the person and the twin flame couple in question. I've also read people say that much healing, learning, processing, purging and development happen when one meets their false twin flame. Each person is unique and thus, each false twin couple is also equally unique. I've also heard many say they didn't realize who their false twin was, until they'd gone through the relationship itself and looked back in hindsight. 

Have you met your false twin? What did you contribute and receive from the relationship? What was it like? 



I thought I was doing good I was meditating ( still am) and I understood the process. I had a good head on my shoulders I wasn’t concerned about if I met mine or not I just wanted my career and still do . Then i thought i found the twin at the very beginning of the relationship or whatever you want to call it now. I was more awakened 20 years ago than I am now. This relationship is just making me miserable and unlucky. I know I’m supposed to be with my twin flame in this life but I have about 3 or 4 souls that could be a match and none of them.communicate with me but sometimes their souls do.i would love to see the positive I get from this.


Yes, false twin/karmic partner. Painful experience, but so much to gain.. about yourself. You learn and learn and fight and fight and think that its love.. when its not. underlying you know something isnt right. Relationship based on lust and lower frequency attributes.control.manipulation.possessiveness.. to name a few. You will receive very similar signs to keep you confused or on the other side of the coin to challenge your wisdom, your trust in the divine, your ability to rely solely on your heart space and intuition. Signs are external..All the answers are within.. Peace and love, great article


Hi! Can I ask?
Is that a MUST that every one have to experience a false twin flame? Or is this only happen to some people?
Thank you for your answer.
I will share mine, when I have enough puzzles to write my story ;)


i met my twin on bali six years ago. we had an intensely loving and almost child like relationship and everything in common.. both yogis, both vegan and both chefs. then one day i left her. i got sick of her lack of gratitude, her slow and low energy and her constant running away and cheating on me. In London I met the class twin. she is a narcissist of the highest order and feeds on my empathic nature always trying to use me for something. my life has spiraled downhill since i met her and i’m just waking up to the fact that she is the false twin. to be honest, i want both of them out of my consciousness forever. neither are givers, both are narcissist, and i’m fed up! i’m a really kind and thoughtful and empathic person and i don’t understand why i can’t attract the same.


I met my false twin in April 2017.
He has the same job as my true twin and worked at the same place. At the time I had left my husband to be with him, though he was married himself and made it clear he would never leave her.
The relationship was brief, about 3 months. The connection felt outer worldly. His marriage was bothersome to me, but at the same time I knew I didn’t actually want him. It became clear how deeply flawed and messed up he was. For some unknown reason I loved him though. I loved him despite knowing he serial cheats on his wife, his count was 30 women in 7 years. He was clearly a narcissist who’d go on for hours talking about himself. As time went on this began to wear on me. He started to become annoying. When he detected that I was losing interest he became very childish and petty. This story doesnt sound like anything remarkable, but I know that this weird, short, amoral relationship is what awakened me. Prior to meeting that guy I had never truly loved before and I knew it. I think it’s important that the one teaching me the lessons needed was and remains unavailable. It was meant to be temporary. He heightened the dissatisfaction I felt with anyone after him. I was chasing that connection, though was losing hope since nobody else sparked it.
A year later I met the true one. The difference was that I felt like I was talking to myself. Glued to him for hours of conversation. I saw visions of him and knew deep in my soul he was the one, and he is the last one I will ever have.

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