How I Help

When you find The One” it’s as though everything just seems to fall into place on so many levels…

You've finally found your perfect compliment who makes you feel safe.

I'll never forget the emotional moment that I realized my own partner was The One. 

It was as though we fit together as a puzzle comprised on only two pieces.

From then on it became our special saying. Instead of saying "I love you," we started saying "I love you to (puzzle) pieces," which was eventually shortened to just "pieces” at the end of texts, emails and during coffee flavored morning kisses.

But it wasn't always that way...

Navigating our journey to a healthy, committed relationship was an incredibly daunting and painful experience. It felt like I was lost in a sea of heartache with no clear path forward. I was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, jealousy, anger and confusion, as I tried to make sense of what went wrong.

I'd be up half the night scrambling down internet rabbit holes until I fell asleep from exhaustion, only to be haunted by terrors when I dreamed. It was as though my soul had no peace.

But as I slowly worked through my pain and allowed myself to heal, I found the strength and resilience to navigate the twists and turns of the healing process. It was ultimately this experience that empowered me with the mindset strategies and connection techniques I share with the women I serve.


It was through my own story that revealed my calling to help others who found themselves struggling - just as I had - to find true happiness in the right relationships - and within themselves.

After my personal experiences, many years of writing on the subject of meaningful relationships I began accepting requests to assist others.


Why do some relationship programs fail?

 While expensive programs geared toward reuniting relationships offer flashy websites and 100% guarantees, many find the "teachings" are all the same, already existing on the web for free.

Or, they encourage you to disregard the idea of being in a relationship with your partner all together. And, many programs result in only brief reunions and recurring cycles of breakups and makeups. 

How Do I Empower The Women I Serve?

  • FEELING BETTER: Empowering you through mindset skills you can begin using immediately.
  • BOUNCING BACK: From a soul-crushing breakup - with renewed strength and clarity..
  • STOP THE CYCLE: Stop the cycle of brief reconciliations and learn the keys to pivot toward permanent commitment.
  • EMPOWERING YOU: To become a more mindful dater so you can more quickly reach a happy, healthy relationship.

Work With Me

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Obsessing or over-thinking why you broke up?
  • Mourning the loss of your future you'd planned together?
  • Pressure from coaches to continue expensive programs?
  • Searching every corner of the internet for an explanation of the connectedness you're feeling - and why your partner isn't?
  • Revisiting the past and replaying all the what if's in your head on loop?
  • Are people telling you to hurry up and get over it (and wishing that you could?) 
  • Wondering if you'll ever feel safe to love again?

What will YOUR appointment be like?

That depends on YOU & your SPECIFIC SITUATION.

I'll Start By Telling You What I Don't Offer:

  • I don't offer a one-size-fits-all process. The women I serve are unique individuals and, I don't believe in dripping information slowly over months.
  • I don't offer readings or make predictions.
  • I don't offer creatively themed "masterclasses" to appeal to the masses. This isn’t about the masses - it's about empowering you.


Now, Here's What I WILL Offer You:

Expert techniques you can begin incorporating immediately even if you're not in contact with your partner.

Proactive mindset strategies empowering you to release toxic patterns.

Strategies to immediately begin mitigating your pain.

Finding balance to become a more mindful dater & partner.

I prefer to work with my clients through 1 or 2 appointments geared to your specific relationship situation versus ongoing expensive programs.

Work With Me

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