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Helena Roman is a Boston-based Relationship Strategist, Empowerment Coach and host of the Love Unlocked Podcast. Through her unique approach and a passion for helping others, Helena strives to assist the women she serves to go from confused to committed in the journey toward the love they deserve.

Helena helps her clients unlock their relationship potential through becoming more mindful daters and relationship partners. By mindful, this means being more thoughtful about your dating decisions and more selective about your potential partners. Using her decades of experience coupled with her compassionate style, Helena helps you successfully take charge of your romantic dreams, effortlessly weed through relationship quagmires and achieve the healthy, deeply fulfilling connection you truly deserve.


  • Diploma, Relationship Coaching
  • Certificate, Trauma & Recovery Practitioner
  • Certificate, Neurolinguistic Master Practitioner
  • Reiki Master I, II & III (please note Helena does not offer reiki services)

Love Unlocked Podcast


Through teaching key mindset strategies and relationship techniques, Helena helps you find balance and heal your heart to attract and keep authentic love.

With a background that includes working for top advice networks, Helena uses her training and experience to empower the women she serves to take back their emotional “remote control" and achieve inner balance to create the lasting, meaningful relationships they desire.

As a mindful dating expert, her no-nonsense approach is characterized by a unique blend of compassion, mindful balance and intuitive strategy.

Drastically different than most, Helena helps you put a stop to the cycles of obsessive yearning, short term reconciliations and back-and-forth booty calls to help you begin outlining your relationship goals and to find true committed love.


Helena has taught thousands from all walks of life and from all over the globe - just like you - to level up their love life.

You've likely seen Helena's articles on sites such as GoDatesPaired Life, Vocal Media and Elephant Journal. Helena has also been featured on top relationship sites such as HeartWiseAdvice and Her Campus.

Helena also enjoys writing on forums such as Quora on the subjects of Sacred Love Relationships. Here, Helena's answers reveal much about meaningful connections.

What Makes Helena's Approach So Unique?

Helena observed that despite investing expensive coaching programs - often more than one - people, particularly women, still struggled to achieve their desired results or heal from heartbreak, and were often taught to reject the idea of being with their partner whom they loved.

Additionally, Helena found that while some relationship coaching programs focused on helping clients to feel better, the benefits were often only temporary. This is due to the fact that other coaching programs neglected to address the root causes of emotional pain responses.


 Helena Roman


A personal note from Helena

"I enjoy helping others because I’ve been through it myself.

I'm confident and strong - just like you can be - but I wasn't always this way...

Eventually, I began digging deep and discovered the transformational modalities and mindset skills that I teach the women I serve to not only feel better, but to become their best selves.

I discovered that meaningful relationships are about far more than merely perceiving a connection with another person. More than doing self-esteem exercises and taking mindset classes. 

It's about outlining your relationship goals, shifting into balance, becoming proactive about your dating life and discovering your inner bliss that attracts the love, exclusivity and commitment you deserve - like a magnet."


I want that happiness for you, too.

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