The Top 5 Ways To Talk To Your Crush - And How To Get Guaranteed Responses

Have you ever wondered the best ways to communicate in a new relationship?

Picture it: You've just met the most amazing person. Oh, you'd previously thought that dating apps and such were just a bunch of hooey. You've met some nice dates using the popular dating apps alright, but never found quite the right match.  You'd all but given up.

But, your friends have been pestering you to "get back out there" and you just can't bring yourself to get that confidence to because you've always had such lousy experiences. Either you really liked them and they stopped responding to you cold turkey, or you realized pretty early on that you weren't interested and it took weeks for them to get the hint!

But then... you pick up your phone and you see a seemingly random notification from that app. So, you take a look. What can that hurt? And to your surprise, you see an interesting soul has shown interest in your profile! 

Dating apps can be a daunting experience

You go ahead and swipe (is it left? Right? You hope you remember correctly) and within a few seconds, here they are. What's more, they're not interested in just a chat. Or trying to pull you into some creepy post-midnight booty call. They're actually interested - and interesting. 

So, you begin a chat. Boy, is this ever nerve-wracking! You have no problem being authentic, being yourself. But you want to make sure that you're putting your best foot forward, too. So, what do you do?

Here are the top 5 Tips that can help you get to know your crush.

1. Be authentically you: Honesty is key when it comes to communicating with someone you have feelings for. Be genuine and authentic in your communication, and try to express your feelings in a clear, but non-pressuring and easy way.

When first getting to know someone, it's rare that either are truly themselves because there's always the desire to put that absolute best foot forward. Remember, just be you. If they're the right match for you, you could have kale stuck in your teeth and if it's meant to be, you know what? They probably won't even notice. They won't notice because they'll be too busy trying to put their own best foot forward for your benefit. So, relax. Take a deep breath and enjoy yourself.

It can make you feel nervous on a first date!

2. Respect their boundaries -and your own: It's important to respect their boundaries, as well setting your own. If they seem uncomfortable or uninterested in engaging with you, it's best to remain neutral and non-pressuring.

But remember, set your own healthy boundaries too. And, always be safe. Use good common sense when you're meeting someone, especially early on.


3. Be an active listener: Communication is always, always a two-way street, and it's important to truly listen - and hear - what the other person is saying. There is a definite difference between listening to someone and actually hearing what they're saying to you. 

Pay attention to their verbal and nonverbal cues, and respond in an authentic manner, one that reveals to them that you truly respect their perspectives.

4. Avoid that aforementioned undue pressure: It's important to avoid pressuring someone into a situation that could potentially become uncomfortable. Pressure can cause exactly that to occur.

Instead, focus on building a balanced connection built on the foundation of mutual interest, but also mutual respect. Pay attention to their boundaries, and establish healthy ones of your own as well.


5. Be patient: Communicating with someone you have a crush on can be unsettling and even make you sweat! However, it's always important to exercise patience and take things one step at a time.

Allow the relationship to develop organically and comfortably, and avoid rushing into a relationship too quickly as getting to know one another over time can open the door to a deeper and more profound connection.


Remember, getting to know someone new can be an exciting experience but while you're all wrapped up in the thrilling fascination of their allure, always remember to be authentic and true to yourself. And, always be safe. It's always advised to use common sense regarding the subject of safety, especially when meeting someone for the first time.

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