The Secret Behind The Secret To Manifestation


Okay, sure! Where's my [enter cool thing here] from manifestation?

Have you ever watched the movie, 'The Secret' or read the book? I know I sure did. It was interesting, but it was kind of like one long advertisement for a book. It reminded me of those people on YouTube and other corners of the internet who say "take my free masterclass" but it turns out to be one big advertisement for whatever they're selling. I can't stand those. I once signed up for a "masterclass" and learned what - a whole lot of nothing, other than the fact the video really, really wanted me to input my email for the next segment -of ads. Yikes. No, thanks...

So, how annoying is that? Everyone seems to be talking about the KEYS TO MANIFESTATION but no one ever seems to share them without us signing up for something we have to pay for. There's manifest Your Dreams, Manifest A Lover, Manifest More Prosperity, the list goes on... and on. 

Again, no thank you. I've watched enough YouTube videos in my day that talk about something but don't actually share anything valuable, information-wise. So, I began to research. 

Upon research I realized manifestation is something we all practice to some degree. 

Most of "manifestation" is all about positive thinking, which I believe positive thinking is helpful, but there's some techniques that can help positive thinking to supposedly transmute positive thinking into manifestation so I'll write it all out here.

It's very basic. Everyone has heard of the Law Of Attraction. Also known as, "The Secret." The truth is, it's not always taught as it should be. "Think positively, keep your thoughts in check and you'll get whatever you want!" Right? If you have ever struggled with harnessing the power of manifestation, read on.


There are, based on where you read and who is doing the writing (or talking) several main components to harnessing the Law Of Attraction. Personally, I've practiced it well over the years and have even been able to manifest some things for myself, and teach some friends. You probably have too. It's really no secret. I don't know why they call it that. Once you figure it out, it becomes a sort of second nature.


1. Thoughts aren't private, the universe always listening:

The Universe is always listening. When you worry about something, that will plant a seed in the process of manifestation. When we worry, the universe hears worry and says "You're spending a lot of energy worrying, so you must want whatever you're focusing on, let me give you more of THAT." Additionally, if there's a thought in your mind, that is what you'll be getting -even if it's something other than what you desire. So, we're taught in manifestation to "mind our thoughts to be positive." 

2. The Universe is said to be unable to hear certain words, so we'll have to speak its language:

The Universe can't hear negative words like CAN'T, WON'T or NOT. Or, words like NO and DON'T. If you think "I don't want cheese," the universe will interpret that as "I ___ want cheese," and that translates to "I want cheese." You'll get tons of cheese that way. And, on top of that, someone will probably move your cheese. Little joke there, couldn't help myself. 

3. You must be always in the moment of allowing:

We are always trying to be in control, prepared, "what if" thinkers. We are what if thinkers because it's what comes naturally. Be prepared for anything, right? One up the competition. (But who is really competing with you? No one, actually. It's just you.) If we are a what if thinker, we're blocking our manifestation. If you couple what if thinking with a vivid imagination, then you're really, really blocking your own manifestation because many of us tend to imagine (worry about) the worst possible outcomes. Instead, be in the moment of allowing. Allow what needs to happen to happen and stop caring. Yes, I actually said it: stop caring. When you think about it, we worry a lot. 99% of the stuff we worry about tends to repair its self or work its self out anyway. And the remaining 1% we have no control over anyway. So, stop worrying. Just. Stop. Worrying. Be in the moment of allowing.

4. Keep your vivid imagination under control:

We all have one, especially those who are creative. If you're worrying about something bad happening, this means you are fantasizing about something bad happening. Knowing the universe delivers on what we wish for, imagining the bad all the time will be doing ourselves a you can well imagine. 

5. Use belief to make things come more easily to you:

Years ago, I ran a little test. I asked some friends to go about their usual ways and I asked another group of friends to go about their usual ways, but add one difference. I asked that second group to believe sincerely that everything that wanted and needed would come very easily to them. For example, one friend knew he was late for work, and knew the consequences. But during this experiment, he didn't worry and just "knew" that his boss would go easy on him. As manifestation would have it, the traffic opened up and he wasn't late after all. You see, things actually shifted to accommodate his desire because be knew it would come easily. After the experiment, my 2nd set of friends had learned and mastered the art of manifestation. I'm not saying you'll manifest your way out of a parking ticket so go ahead into the blocked car park, use common sense. I'm saying adjust your way of thinking. Use manifestation, but also think logically.

6. Think logically, and release your ego:

My friend, Robby, once wanted a speaker for his car. This was back in the early 90's when hot speakers in the backs of cars were the coolest thing. He found an ad in the paper for a super cheap deal on a great speaker, and met the guy and bought the speaker. After he got home, he opened the box and found it was full of cement pebbles and rocks. Now, Robby logically knew that buying that speaker at an unusually low price was a rare thing, but his ego would not allow his logic to prevail. Release your ego to allow positivity to come your way. Your ego can also cause you to feel that you deserve things that you don't and simultaneously cause you to believe you don't really deserve things that you do deserve. This can get in the way of manifestation's ability to deliver. Think logically, practice positive thinking, and don't purchase unsolicited boxes of pebbles from street merchants. 

7. Start small to allow yourself to learn to believe:

I like to advise people to begin manifesting things on a small scale and work their way up. If you try to manifest winning the power ball your first time, you may very well win it, but it is rare. Yet there's videos all over the internet about people who manifested wins. In most, they describe a followed practice over time. I suggest, begin by expecting to receive something you already know you'll be getting. Manifest a salad for lunch, the next day manifest the number of tomatoes. The next, manifest an extra side of dressing and so on. Start small and let your mind see manifestations successfully happen. The more you see happening before your eyes, the more you will believe. The more you believe, the more you'll expect. The more you expect, the more you will receive.

8. Shift starts with you - create the SHIFT of your needs to only merely desires:

Needs aren't as heard by the universe, but desires are said to be. If you need a loan from the bank, the bank will never say yes, haven't you noticed? The bank isn't in the business of giving loans and money to people who truly need it. They want a good risk. Someone who will definitely pay back the loan will be the person who desires the loan but doesn't need it desperately. Changing your NEED for something to simply a desire or a preference is said to cause manifestation to jump start. Here's an example: How many times have you heard of a woman chasing a man then after some time passes, she begins to get over him and doesn't need him anymore... then out of nowhere, he calls her. "Geez, I was just getting over him and he called. Now what!" This is more common than you think. Release your desperation, and any obsessive thinking you happen to be carrying. Release your needs and change them to simply desires. "I prefer this man, but I don't need him." Then he calls... 

When you incorporate the above into your daily thinking practices, it will help you release your needs and SHIFT the needs to become merely desires. A desire is a less intense form of a need because it lacks the pressuring, needy energy. Let me know how you've incorporated these small practices into your daily life and how it's turned out for you! 

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