The REAL Reason Coaches Teach Neville Goddard's Techniques - And Why They Work

Most coaching programs, especially those dealing with the subjects of love solutions, will assert that speaking with mystics, psychics or tarot readers is somehow a bad thing. 

This makes perfect sense because they have a business to protect. They'd much rather have us call them and invest in lengthy programs versus therapy. From a business perspective, it's a totally understandable position.

Oftentimes someone will seek out coaching following many attempts to receive guidance from mystics. Some coaches oftentimes have a very poor opinion of, and harshly warn against seeking assistance from anyone in the spiritual realm, particularly psychics and mystics, but also tarot readers as well.

I can understand why coaches, teachers, gurus, etc., want to protect their businesses and WARN against such things.

Personally, I don't have an opinion one way or the other.

It's my feeling that if someone wants to seek that type of service, that's their choice. Back in the day, I worked with several top networks and met some wonderful souls. I've also met many souls in my nearly 50 years of life. I've also met plenty of spiritualists and tarot readers who were very fine people - many on the forums for which I write. I'd never judge another for making the choice to speak with a tarot reader or mystic. 

Ironically, many  coaches and gurus out there today actually teach Neville Goddard's work. 

Neville Lancelot Goddard was a 20th-century mystic who wrote extensively on the power of the imagination and the concept of manifesting one's desires.

Through his teachings and exercises, he showed many people how to become the creator of their own paths. 

Goddard strongly believed that your imagination is the key to creating your reality. According to his most important teachings, everything that exists in the physical world first begins as a thought or image within one's own mind.

He taught us that by strategically harnessing the power of the imagination; the power of one's thoughts (in other words, the ability to create from mere thought) that you can consciously craft and create the life, or an aspect of your life that you want. 

The specific teaching regarding the ability to create from mere thought reminds us we're not limited by our own situations, or our circumstances surrounding our situations.

He emphasized that we are also not limited by the physical world around us.

Rather, that we, ourselves, personally have the power to shape our reality through our own thoughts and thinking process.

By focusing our attentions specifically on our positive and empowering thoughts and by simultaneously visualizing exactly what it is that we want to create, we are thus able to open ourselves up to new a path for new experiences - most specifically - the experiences that we most desire to have. 

Goddard firmly believed that You are the creator of your own experience.

In addition, he also expressed that you are not a victim of circumstances, rather each person in him or herself is actually a powerful creator in possession of the keen ability to mold one's own reality.

By taking responsibility for the thoughts and beliefs, including the feelings that we experience, he believed that we, ourselves have the ability to bring changes to our lives on many different levels. 

It's with these specific teachings that we, ourselves, discover that we technically already hold the keys to initiating the change we desire in order to craft the life (or the relationship with another person) that we truly want.

Is this true? Can we learn to manifest anything we want to?

What were Neville Goddard's Most Compelling Teachings?

You are the creator of your own experience. This specific teaching is a compelling reminder that we are not exclusively at the mercy of external forces, nor other people's opinions. Rather, we ourselves have the power to shape our own experience through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and actions. By taking ownership of our lives and focusing on what we can control within our own lives, we can create a life that aligns with our values and desires.

The subconscious mind is the gateway to one's imagination. Goddard taught that your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that connects you to the infinite intelligence of the universe. By using techniques such as visualization and affirmations, you can tap into this powerful force and manifest your desires.

This point highlights the incredible power of our own subconscious mind, which is responsible for our beliefs, habits and behaviors. By using techniques including visualization or affirmations, we are able to access this force within us and reprogram our subconscious mind in order to support our goals and desires, thus helping to bring them to fruition. 

Everything is possible when you believe it to be true. Goddard stated that our beliefs shape our waking reality, and that one has the ability to change one's beliefs at any time. By adopting and incorporating the mindset of abundance and possibility, one is able to strategically overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of one's personal goals, dreams and desires.

This most specific teaching encourages us to shift to a mindset of abundance and the possibility of abundance, rather than engaging in a mindset of limitation and scarcity. In other words, ceasing to think from a space of "lacking" or "I don't have." By shifting our focus toward what we desire to create and also by believing that it is possible for us to achieve this creation in reality, we can overcome any obstacles in order to begin the process of manifestation of our goals.

Faith is key to manifesting your desires.  According to Neville Goddard, faith is the belief in things unseen, things that are intangible and yet untouched by us. Goddard believed that faith itself and faith in ourselves is absolutely essential to manifesting our desires. By holding a strong belief in the reality of one's own desires, and by taking proactive, inspired action towards one's desires, one will be able to bring them into physical reality.

This particular teaching here is an important reminder that the power of our beliefs cannot be overstated. By cultivating a deep sense of faith in our own desires, and by taking action towards them, we can create the life we truly want. This means trusting in the universe to support us, and being open to the wonderful unexpected opportunities that will come to us.

Here are the Top 5 exercises that incorporate Goddard's teachings:

  1. The "I Am" exercise:  This technique involves repeating the phrase, "I am," followed by the verbal expression statement that is your desire. The reason this exercise works is simple. It's said to help reprogram one's subconscious mind to believe in the reality of one's desires. By using the present tense of "I am," and by also stating one's desire as if it has already occurred, as though it's already here, you are technically training your subconscious mind to begin to automatically align with that reality.

  2. Express Visualization:  Visualization is a simple but powerful technique which involves creating a mental image of your desired outcome. The reason this exercise works is because one's subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, according to Goddard. By vividly imagining your desired outcome (with carefully crafted detail) you are sending the signal to the subconscious part of one's mind to empower it to begin the process of creation. To begin creating in the physical, what your mind has created for you. 

  3. Revision:  Revision is a specific and powerful technique that involves mentally revising past events to create a more positive outcome in your favor. The reason this exercise is said to work is because our beliefs about the past can influence our present and future outcomes. By making changes to past events in our minds to create the desired and more positive outcome, we are said to be able to also change our beliefs about those events, and and in turn be able to open ourselves to the new (preferred) possibilities in the present and future, versus lamenting about a negative past incident. For example: if you are struggling with a problem at work, let's say with your boss, instead of going to bed each night replaying that negative event in your mind, revise the outcome of the discussion with your boss to further a more positive outcome. Instead of thinking, "I hate my boss," focus on the positive qualities you see in them. "I learned a lot about ___ from my boss, though the training was difficult I am empowered with this new knowledge." And, create a scenario in your mind of your boss congratulating you on your new promotion! (This sort of technique also works when it comes to any kind of relationship.)

  4. Gratitude:  Gratitude sounds simple enough in theory, but is actually said to be a quite powerful tool for manifesting our desires into reality. It is said that this is because gratitude actually helps us focus on what we already have, versus what we feel that we lack. By cultivating from within, a sense of gratitude for the abundance in our lives, we are sending a signal to the universe that we are open to receiving more of what we want versus more of what we don't want. You can begin by giving thanks for all that you do have each day. Rather than focusing on thoughts like "I don't have a dress," focus on giving thanks for the warm clothes on your back. Silly analogy, I know, but it's an ideal example.

Have you ever heard of Neville Goddard's "I Won't Climb A Ladder" technique?

This teaching shows us how to use affirmations correctly. 

Using them correctly versus incorrectly is oftentimes why affirmations don't work for those who give them a try. 

I've used this affirmation technique with a few of my clients. 

With one client, she manifested cookies. She had wanted to test out the technique to see if it worked. So, I asked her what she liked most - it was chocolate and cookies. She said that each day, she ended up receiving cookies. As I recall, someone had brought them into her work, another person gave her some as a present, and a barista gave her one at the coffee shop. (It was a long time ago, I'm trying to remember the exact details for you.) 

Anyway, it worked. She used this technique with great success.

From there, she began using it for other things she wanted, or wanted to improve on - such as her relationship. 

It's great to begin slowly and move forward (and to more abundance) from beginning with a smaller manifestation. Once you get the real hang of it, it becomes easier. 

Neville Goddard's ladder technique begins simply enough:

Close your eyes as you are seated comfortably in a chair. 

Now, imagine that you see a ladder in front of you. Imagine it in great detail. 

Now, take your imaginary left arm and grab ahold of the side of the ladder. Now, take your imaginary left foot and step up on the bottom rung. 

Now, take your imaginary right arm and with your imaginary right hand, grab hold of that ladder and step up with your imaginary right foot. Now, you are on the first rung of the ladder, holding it with your imaginary left and right hands...

Now, keeping your eyes closed, imagine yourself on that ladder and slowly climb up. Reach the top and then, climb back down. Now, in your mind you can let go of the ladder and you can open your eyes...

Then he further instructed his students:

"You see, the Universe cannot hear "negative" words like "no, can't, won't" and so on..."

So, Goddard instructed his students to go home and post affirmations all over their homes. On the mirror where you shave, on your desk, anywhere you might look - just to remind you not to climb any ladders. 

He said, "Do this for one week. After a week has passed, everyone who climbed a ladder will come to another meeting. It will be a smaller group, because not everyone will do this exercise correctly."

He also instructed his students who were doing this above technique that they must, for that one week, sleep in a different position than they usually slept in. For example, if they slept on one side of the bed, they were to switch to the other. If they normally slept on their tummies, they were to become a back sleeper that particular week, and so on... Most importantly, his students had to fall asleep imagining themselves climbing up and down that imaginary ladder.

And sure enough, those who fulfilled their promises of using the affirmations the right way ended up climbing ladders during that week and were able to return to the meeting.

It's speculated that while in that sleep/wake state, your brain is in a certain "more open" state which can accept affirmations (such as climbing a ladder) as fact. It's speculated that when we believe in the fact, it will come to pass.

This isn't to say that literally everything we believe in will happen.

I'd like to believe in flying unicorns, but I know it won't happen. But it won't happen because I don't actually believe in flying unicorns. 

But children do...

A child can imagine a flying unicorn, draw its picture and talk about it as though it's already here. And what do the parents do? They get their child a stuffed flying unicorn as a birthday present. They do so because they've seen their child drawing enough pictures of flying unicorns and they've seen their child talking about them so they desire to please their child. 

You see, we actually manifest things every single day. Everyone does. It's my belief that using Goddard's techniques relate to a kind of fine-tuning what it is that we desire. Taking all the pressure off of our desire and making it a mere preference. 

We are taught that if we worry over something enough, it will happen.

Is this because we've given it too much thought energy?

Possibly. But just as that goes, we can also manifest what we DO want.

Try it and let me know if the ladder technique worked for you! Try this technique for one week and leave me a comment down below and let me know if it worked for you! 

Much love xo

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