Are You Part of the New "Marriage Language" Trend?

What is the "Marriage Language" Meme Trend?

A new meme trend known as "marriage language" has taken over TikTok, leaving users in stitches. Couples are sharing the funny and quirky phrases they use when nobody else is around. It's a way for partners to create their own secret language and inside jokes, adding a touch of humor to their relationship.

Different from Love Language in relationships in which case this refers to the way that a person prefers to express love to—and receive it from—a partner, Marriage Language differs in the respect that it's specific lingo and code words if you will, which are specific to your relationship or marriage.

For instance, TikTok creator @Aubree.harper recently shared a clip of the language used in her own marriage where her husband playfully refers to waffles as "fle" and spinach as "sponch." These interesting and sometimes downright hilarious terms paint a picture of humorous, wedded bliss 

Have you ever gotten a "drinkie" from "Starbonk?" Or, maybe you want to add some "bahh-gles" to your order? Or do you just want to enjoy some "coodles" by the fireplace while you shack on some "po-tats." Apparently many of the marriage language terms are food-related!

Why is TikTok Amused by Marriage Language?

TikTok users are finding great entertainment in the Marriage Language meme trend. It offers a glimpse into the intimate and sometimes outrageously funny moments shared between couples. The trend allows people to connect with others who have similar inside jokes and language quirks in their relationships.

By sharing these funny phrases, couples are not only making each other laugh but also inviting others to join in on the fun. It's a lighthearted way to celebrate the unique dynamics of each relationship and spread joy through relatable content.

Creating Your Own Marriage Language

So, do you want to get in on this silliness? If you're inspired by the Marriage Language meme trend, why not create your own secret language with your partner?

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Inside Jokes: Think about the funny moments you've shared together and turn them into phrases or words that only you two understand.

2. Wordplay: Play around with words and create humorous variations or nicknames for everyday objects or activities.

3. Shared Experiences: Use phrases that reference memorable experiences you've had together, creating a sense of nostalgia and connection.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and strengthen your bond through laughter and shared experiences. Since each relationship is unique, your special phrasing that brings together your marriage language will likely be all your own, shared like an apple on a warm Summer day. Embrace the marriage language trend and let your creativity run wild! Have fun with it and don't be shy!

So, the next time you catch yourself using a funny phrase or word with your partner, don't hesitate to share it with the world. Join the marriage language meme trend and spread the joy of love and laughter!

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