The Twin Flame Concept - And Why You Might Not Like It

The concept of Twin Flames is often compared to Soulmates, however there is much chatter regarding the differences and rightfully so.

The idea of Twin Flame is rooted in spirituality and metaphysics, and it refers to the belief that there is one soul that is split into two separate bodies. Twin Flames are also often referred to as one's "mirror soul."

According to this belief, Twin Flames are two individual people who are connected on a deep, spiritual level, and in some schools of thought, who are destined to be together. In other schools of thought, they do not end up in a physical relationship.

The idea is that Twin Flames are the perfect mirror of one other, reflecting back all of the things that need to be healed or resolved in order to achieve personal growth and spiritual evolution. It is said that the bond between Twin Flames is extremely strong, and that they have an intense, unbreakable connection that transcends time and space. However, psychologists often state that this "mirroring" is actually a symptom of narcissism, and that some who believe they are in a Twin Flame relationship are actually dealing with a narcissistic relationship.

Some people believe that Twin Flames are romantic partners, but others argue that they can also be close friends, or even serve as spiritual guides. 

While the majority of Twin Flame relationships are often portrayed as blissful and harmonious connections, they can also be tumultuous and challenging, as the process of spiritual growth and inner healing (personal growth and development) can be painful and difficult. It's this school of thought that is the basis of many Twin Flame-related coaching programs. The objective of such teachings is that in order to be happy, one must first heal all inner core wounds, and only then can one truly be with their Twin Flame.

It's important to note that the concept of Twin Flames in general is not a universally accepted idea, and additionally, many people approach it with cautious skepticism and disbelief. 

Many people feel that whether or not you believe in the idea of Twin Flames, it can be a useful metaphor for understanding the power of deep love connections and the potential for personal growth and transformation in any romantic relationship, or relationship in general with another person.

It's said the concept of Twin Flames is deeply rooted in Greek Mythology. 

In the Symposium, Plato presents the idea that humans were once created with two heads, four arms, and four legs. These humans were noted to be incredibly powerful and attempted to overthrow the gods, so Zeus himself split them in two separate beings as a punishment. According to this particular myth, each half was condemned to spend their life searching for their other half, in order to become complete again. 

This idea of being split in two and searching for one's other half can be seen as an early depiction of the Twin Flame concept. The idea of Twin Flames being two parts of a whole, of the original ovoid, searching for each other in order to become complete, has some similarities to the Platonic myth of the split humans. 

It's important to note, however, that the concept of Twin Flames as it is understood today has evolved beyond its roots in Greek mythology. Twin Flames are now more commonly associated simply with spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, and are often described as two souls who were created together in the beginning of time and who are destined to reunite in this lifetime or another. Some even liken the idea of Twin Flames being similar to that of the story of Adam and Eve.

While the Twin Flame concept can be traced back to some extent to Greek mythology, it has since evolved into a unique and complex idea with its own distinct characteristics and beliefs. It seems that today, everyone has differing opinions and views regarding the subject of Twin Flames. 

There have even been groups who treat the idea of Twin Flames as a kind of secret club.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet authored books about Twin Flames in the context of her teachings with regard to ascended masters and spiritual evolution. Through her writings she described Twin Flames as two halves of the same soul who are meant to come together in order to complete each other and achieve spiritual ascension. Prophet believed that Twin Flames were created together in the beginning of time, and that they are reunited in order to complete certain spiritual inner work and to help each other on their individual paths.

Prophet also believed Twin Flames were not necessarily destined to be together in a romantic connection, but rather they could actually have a deep spiritual connection that transcends physical and romantic love. She saw the reunion of Twin Flames as a way to accelerate one's spiritual growth.

While Elizabeth Clare Prophet is typically often credited with popularizing the Twin Flame concept in contemporary circles, it's worth pointing out that the idea of Twin Flames in general has actually been around in various forms for centuries. The concept has been explored in literature, poetry, and mythology as previously mentioned in so many various different cultures throughout time and history. The concept of Twin Flames continues to constantly evolve and to be interpreted in new ways.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet certainly had some interesting ideas, but I'm not sure how I feel about them.

In particular, she predicted a nuclear war would occur in the late 80s or early 90s, and also stated that her followers needed to prepare for this event by stockpiling food and supplies and building underground shelters. Some members of that organization sold their possessions and donated large sums of money to that church in order to prepare for the apocalypse!?

The predicted nuclear obviously war did not occur, I speculate perhaps even to her chagrin, and the organization later faced criticism and legal challenges over its handling of its members' finances and the conditions of the underground shelters. Elizabeth Clare Prophet eventually stepped down as leader of the organization and moved to a remote location in Montana. I'm wondering if she continued to stockpile while waiting for the nukes to hit.

It's also worth noting that while the Church Universal and Triumphant has been labeled as a doomsday-style cult group by some, others have intensely defended it as a legitimate spiritual organization. It has interestingly continued to exist, and has shifted its focus in more recent years towards promoting things such as interfaith dialogue and environmentalism. 

Since Elizabeth Clair Prophet, there have been many ideas, thoughts and even discussion groups dedicated to the subject of Twin Flames. I remember when I first began looking at Twin Flame-related insights, there were multiple discussion groups and websites dedicated to the subject. 

One of the most notable Twin Flame personalities was Liora Angels, who made Twin Flame themed content based on the teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. While she is no longer with us, Liora's legacy continues as her Facebook and YouTube pages still exist and others have adopted her teachings as their own. 

The Twin Flame concept is not a new one, and the views, opinions and ideas still continue to evolve today.

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