What Are Soulmates vs Twin Flames - And Why Some Believe It's Toxic

Please Note:  In recent months the Twin Flame ideology has been exposed as a potentially toxic mindset. Further, while the concept dates back centuries, it was the highly criticized Elizabeth Clare Prophet who popularized the term. This blog post is meant to be for informational purposes only.

Have you ever wondered if you have a Twin Flame?

Or if you have met your Soulmate or Twin Flame? A Twin Flame is said to be similar to a Soulmate, but it is a more intense, spiritual connection. In many ways, it is considered by many to be the ultimate Soulmate connection.
If you’ve been wondering about your Twin Flame, then this article is for you. Keep reading to learn how to find and recognize your Twin Flame!
But remember, ultimately only you and your partner can discern whether or not you are Twin Flames or Soulmates.

What Is A Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame is a unique type of connection, very similar to a Soulmate. It is a spiritual connection between two people who share a powerful, deep bond. It is not just a romantic relationship, but a soul connection at a deeper, spiritual level.
Your Twin Flame is another version of the same soul; essentially, they are your mirror image. You may have an intense physical, emotional and spiritual connection with your Twin Flame. Although it is a beautiful and powerful relationship, it can also be a difficult one as it often brings extreme highs and lows.

What Is The Difference Between Twin Flame vs Soulmate?

The consensus is that the main difference is the intensity of the connection as well as the meaning behind it. A Soulmate connection is built on compassion, trust, understanding and security. It is a loving, companionable, and peaceful union.
Twin Flame connections, on the other hand, are intense and passionate. You can have a profound and intense emotional connection with your Twin Flame, even though you may never even meet in person. It is an electric, volatile connection that can bring joy, pleasure, contentment, pain and even confusion.
It is said that a Soulmate is someone with whom we may have experienced a previous incarnation, have shared energy, or share a purpose within the reason the connection exists. Perhaps you or they chose to make and experience the connection and relationship you are sharing now during this lifetime. It is also said that one may have many Soulmates and may also experience connections with those Soulmates. There is also a school of thought regarding karmic exchange between Soulmates.
It's said that a Twin Flame is very similar to our Soulmates like our mirror soul, for example, but is a deeper and more meaningful soul connection. I liken it to two pieces of a puzzle that consists only of two pieces. Another term for Twin Flame is Twin Soul. This is because Twin Souls are aspects of one another; two halves of the same soul energy which share a harmonic frequency.

How To Know If You've Found Your Twin Flame?

One way to know if you’ve found your Twin Flame is if you feel an immediate, intense spiritual connection with someone. If you can sense that the other person is your mirror image, then it is certainly possible that you have found your Twin Flame. Also, if you have a feeling of intense recognition and familiarity upon meeting someone, that could suggest that you’ve found your Twin Flame counterpart. This is referred to as soul recognition.
Soul recognition can occur with both Twin Flame and Soulmate experiences. Some experience soul recognition during their initial meeting with their Twin Flame or Soulmate, and for others the recognition aspect can transpire later on down the road.
You may also have a feeling of knowing your Soulmate or Twin Flame’s thoughts and emotions, even if they are not around. There is much speculation regarding the subject of what's called telepathic connection and Twin Flame Mirroring. While this doesn't occur within every Soulmate or Twin Flame relationship, many have described having this experience during their Twin Flame Journey.

How Do You Recognize The Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame vs Soulmate?

It can be difficult to recognize the signs that you’ve found your Twin Flame or Soulmate. However, one sure sign is the presence of strong emotions between the two of you.
For example, you may feel an intense connection to the person, as though it is something that is different from any other connection you’ve felt before. You may also have a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance toward them, which is oftentimes shared by the both of you.
It is also possible that at times, you may also experience extreme relationship highs and lows; this is natural and to be expected in a twin flame connection due to the intensity of the connection. Polarity can also play a role in the intensity of the shared connection.

What Is The Runner / Chaser Dynamic In Twin Flames?

The running and chasing dynamic is a common theme in Twin Flame relationships, and can also occur in Soulmate connections as well. When it occurs in a Twin Flame relationship it's sometimes referred to as a paradox.
While many people experience running and chasing during their Twin Flame Journey, it is not a requirement for the journey to transpire.
Further, while it is said that running and chasing are common themes within the journey itself, it is said that running and chasing are more of a state of mind.
The Soulmate or the Twin Flame or Soulmate may become scared and run away from the connection, while the other will chase and pine for them to come back.
This dynamic often occurs when one of the two in the connection is not ready to embrace the intensity of the connection. The runner/chaser is a natural and valid part of Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships and is sometimes even considered a necessary step in one's spiritual path toward inner balance.

Is It Important To Embrace The Soulmate or Twin Flame Experience?

It is said that it is important to embrace your Twin Flame or Soulmate relationship, even if it may be challenging at times.
While no one can (or should) make your relationship choices for you, there are many varying opinions regarding this aspect of the subject of Soulmates and Twin Flame relationships.
Your Soulmate or Twin Flame is a powerful spiritual connection, and it can teach you a lot about yourself in the process of the journey.
You will be able to learn and grow through this connection and discover new aspects of yourself that you have never explored before. Many people feel that it is best to accept and embrace the intensity of the connection and use it to help you on your spiritual path.

What Is The Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey is the personal path one takes to find balance within themselves as they progress forward in their spiritual path.
It's said that some experience different "stages" within their personal journey.
While there are oftentimes some common themes, everyone's experience and journey with their Soulmate or Twin Flame is unique to them.
There are different opinions regarding whether Soulmates and Twin Flames end up together in union, a permanent relationship.

Do You Need Coaching or Teaching In This Type Of Situation?

I have never personally heard of anyone needing coaching or teaching in a Soulmate or Twin Flame experience, although having someone to talk with about your experience who will validate your feelings can feel good, I'm sure.
While there are many differing opinions regarding coaching and teaching when it comes to Twin Flames and Soulmates, I'll say that I serve as a relationship coach and I can't imagine anyone "needing" any teaching -about a subject you're already smack dab in, and are already experiencing firsthand for yourself.
Although I am sure that there are many excellent available options out there.
If you're feeling you need Twin Flame services of any variety, I highly advise considering therapy prior to making that decision.

What Would A Soulmate or Twin Flame Coach/Teacher Teach Me?

While everyone's style is unique, the information is the same so I am not sure how different it would be from person to person. However, it is not my place to deter anyone from deciding to seek out teachers, and there are many excellent teachers out there. 
You'll learn through such teachings that since Twin Flames and some Soulmates are not technically considered separated due to the fact that they share soul energy, they are therefore, never actually apart.
So, with that knowledge you can realize that there is no need for you to feel lonely or miss your Soulmate or Twin Flame as the soul energy is shared. 
There are many Twin Flame and Soulmate coaching programs in which students are taught that your Twin Flame or Soulmate is you therefore you need not think of yourself as lonely or sad, because you share the soul and love energy with your Soulmate or Twin Flame.
Many programs also teach students that true union is within themselves, so they need not feel sad that they are not with their Twin Flame or Soulmate in a physical relationship. Some teach that "true union is within yourself, not with another person." 
The importance of inner balance is also taught in these programs through positive affirmations and meditations.
You may also be taught to remind yourself that you must avoid feeling lost, lonely or confused by staying in the now and being present in the now through inspiration based on the teachings of the authors: Eckhart Tolle and Neville Lancelot Goddard.
Should students inquire how do I know s/he is my Twin Flame or Soulmate, they are encouraged to rely on their own inner sense to know whether or not someone is their Soulmate or Twin Flame.
Students are encouraged to stay away from anyone such as a spiritualist, secular relationship coach, etc., and in some cases teachers advise against confiding in one's therapist.
Students who engage in such programs are also oftentimes further encouraged to refrain from discussing their Twin Flame or Soulmate relationships with those close to them such as friends and family. 
Please Note Disclaimer: I do not personally feel it's a bad thing to discuss such matters with those close to you, as those close to you "have your back." They have your best interest at heart. I also want to add that I feel traditional therapy is perfectly okay, there is nothing wrong with seeking out therapy should one so choose. I am merely describing what is taught in some programs based on what I'm told. 

In Summation

To sum it up, your Soulmate or Twin Flame is a powerful, spiritual connection that can help you learn and grow. Recognizing the signs that you’ve found your Soulmate or Twin Flame can be difficult, but if you are feeling a deep and intense emotional connection to someone, it may be a good indication that you have found your Soulmate or Twin Flame.
One may also have other experiences that reveal the Soulmate or Twin Flame experience.
Also, it is helpful to remember that the many states of the journey itself are important parts of many Soulmate and Twin Flame relationships. Ultimately, your Soulmate or Twin Flame connection and your journey to be in union together is a very personal journey, that you should take to explore the depths of your spirituality and learn more about yourself.
Only you can use your gift of discernment to decide to embark on and experience such a journey. 
**Please consider the recent exposure of the potential toxic ideology of twin flames.

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